Martian Slang

Unique terms and phrases colloquially used on Mars.

Artificials: Catch-all term for artificial life that has a physical body, from self-replicating nanoswarms up to robots. Generally only used to describe artificial life with animal-level intelligence or lower.

Barsoomian: A rural Martian, typically resentful of hypercorp control.

Basic: Contracted form of basically or simply.

Black Kettles: Criminal morph storage or production facilities.

GSP: Genetic Service Packs. Most biomorphs on Mars require
genetic rights management
The scheme of supplying indentures on Mars and elsewhere with biomorphs suffering from built-in obsolescence, requiring periodic genetic service pack maintenance to stay healthy, was actually pioneered for use with uplifts. By inflicting uplift bodies with genetic conditions that required regular specialized healthcare, the uplift hypercorps found a way to bind their progeny even closer and discourage any ideas about eloping. Though not all uplift hypercorps continue to use these methods (Somatek notably discontinued this after Duvalier moved on), many use genetic service packs to keep uplifts under control and within reach.

Redneck: A rural Martian. See Barsoomian. Aka Reds.

Rusters: Biomorphs optimized for life on Mars.

Technical: Crazy or haywire. “Technical” was corp psych services shorthand for technical somatically-induced stress disorder, a condition similar to post-traumatic stress disorder that was extremely common among early infomorph laborers sleeved in cheap synthmorphs. It still occurs, though less frequently, in newer models.

TQZ: TITAN Quarantine Zone

Wild Artificials: Artificial life gone feral, either through poor programming or abandonment by its creator. Wild artificials often evolve in unexpected ways and may be dangerous to transhumans.

Martian Slang

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