Martian Melee Weaponry


Because Martian law is fairly restrictive and many weapons are deemed illegal within the cities. Melee weapons, however have become common as they are largely ignored by authorities and harken back to the ancient stories of Mars in Earth’s past.

In time, blades were viewed as a “gentleman’s weapon” or weapon of sport, and it is a common sight for Rusters and other natives to carry a visible blade at their side. Dueling has become a popular sport. Recognizing the inherent weakness of melee weaponry in contrast to heavily armored subjects, some have worked innovations to even the playing field.

Additional Melee Options:

  • Nanoblades – These saber-like blades are crafted from advanced materials so that they are light, yet strong and hold a keen edge. The blade incorporates a host of Dissembler Nanites which seek to break down armor as it strikes, drastically increasing the armor penetration of the weapon.
    AP -8, 2d10+2+(SOM/10) Damage; Cost [High]
  • Plasma Sword – Not really a sword, per se, the plasma sword is a sort of specialized plasma torch. A lengthened c-shaped framework above the handle uses a laser and magnetic coils to stabilize a “beam” of ionized, superheated gas (plasma). The open sides of the framework allow the “sword” to be used as a superheated cutting implement. Though dangerous to wield in melee, it is sometimes favored as a weapon against heavily armored opponents.
    AP -8, 2d10+8+(SOM/10) Damage; Cost [High]

Thermic lance – An industrial metalworking tool intended for cutting through steel girders and other thick metal objects, the thermic Lance produces a column of superheated plasma at its tip. The heavy, two-handed implement is occasionally used as a weapon because it is capable of punching through heavy armor.
Any hit that is an Excellent Success (MoS 30+) sets the target on fire(see Fire); they will continue to take 1d10 damage per Action Turn until extinguished. The Thermic lance does not function in a vacuum.

Martian Melee Weaponry

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