Hypercorps with a major presence on Mars

Cognite (cog-neet) – Major Industries: Cognitive Science, Mental Implants, Psychosurgery, Nootropics; Phobos (Mars moon)

Comet Express (ComEx) – Major Industries: Courier Services, Shipping, Logistics; Olympus

Ecologene – Major Industries: Environmental Systems, Genetics; McClintock Station (Mars orbit)

Experia – Major Industries: Media (AR, VR, XP), News, Entertainment, Memetics; Elysium

Fa Jing – Major Industries: Mining, Energy, Biotech, Industrial Manufacturing; New Dazhai

Pathfinder – Major Industries: Exoplanet Colonization, Mining, Research; Ma’adim Vallis

Prosperity Group – Major Industries: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Pharmaceuticals
Major Stations: Lu Xing

Skinaethesia – Major Industries: Genetics, Cloning, Biotech; Ptah

Solaris – Major Industries: Banking, Insurance, Investments, Futures Markets, Info Brokerage; (No central location)

Stellar Intelligence. – Major Industries: Intelligence, Data Mining, Info Brokerage, Espionage; Memory Hole Torus

TerraGenesis – Major Industries: Terraforming, Ecosystem Management, Environmental Data; Ashoka


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