Get Your Ass to Mars

Intercept in Elysium

After gearing up, the crew takes the long rail ride towards Elysium and departs at a nearby station. There they followed Djor Kantos instructions, and found a large carrier truck awaiting them in a hangar.

Henry Swanson took the wheel, and they drove into Elysium proper. Arriving early, they scoped out the designated meeting spot where Johnny Anamnestik and the Neon Chrysanthemum Triad were purported to meet.

Dennis and John Parker scanned local Mapsofts for any possible entry and escape routes, while Swanson kept an eye out for Triad agents. He marked a number of possible transhumans around the meet point that were likely planted agents.

Each took point at various entrances into the plaza, and soon John Parker spotted their mark. He saw Mr. Anamnestik walking down the street with a beautiful escort in each arm, each one dressed in Elysian finery.

Swanson stroke up to them with purpose, hoping to pretend to ask for a smoke as their first point of contact. Before he could get too close, both escorts turn and whisper something in Johnny’s ear. Then the trio abruptly turn down an opposing street.

Seeing this, Attar remarks that he suspects that the escorts are more than just the eye candy they appear to be. Having reviewed the Mapsofts previously, he and Parker turn down another street in hopes of catching them around the block.

Dennis disappears as he initiates the cloak from his Ghost morph, and begins tailing the trio clandestinely. As he drew nearer, he continued to update their location with the rest of the team. When Johnny and his entourage slipped into a shopping center hoping to elude their pursuers, Dennis was right behind them.

The rest of the crew, using the information sent to them by Dennis, covered each exit of the building, waiting for their marks to try to leave. It was Swanson they ran into, whom they had already identified as a pursuant.

In that moment of recognition, one of the escorts holds out her hand as if to push him away from her, and blasts Swanson in the abdomen point blank with a kinetic firearm concealed within her arm. He is thrown back, shocked by the blow, but nearly unharmed due to his morph’s fortitude and the strength of his body armor. He drops a Slip grenade at their feet, covering the entire area in a low-friction fluid.

The second escort grasps on of her belts and as she pulls it off of her, it straitens into a blade. Dennis is still concealed, so the only assailant they are aware of is Swanson. She strikes viciously at Swanson, as he is the only assailant they are aware of (Dennis is still cloaked). Her blade cuts deep into his side, and he realizes that he needs to be careful tangling with this one.

Then Dennis strikes out at Johnny with a Freezer gun, immobilizing their target in smartfoam, instantly securing their mark. Now they just need to deal with his bodyguards. Now aware that there is another attacking them, the dark haired woman with the concealed gun in her arm turns and attempts to find Dennis by targeting his general area with automatic fire, some of which hit their mark.

Swanson draws his own pistols, (a pair of silenced SMGs), drops to the Slip-covered floor, and fires a series of shots towards the girl with the belt blade, sliding backwards as he did so.

Parker finally arrives on scene, and blasts the dark haired escort with a laser blaster, scorching away a large portion of her elaborate dress and revealing the outermost housing of her synthmorph shell. Attar comes barrelling hand and foot through the corridor, and notices the splashzone around the scene. With quick thinking, he initiates the grip-pads within his hands and feet, and crawls up the wall. With his feet firmly planted on the ceiling, he drops down and strikes at the blade wielding woman menacing Swanson, and harries her with a blade from all four of his arms.

Wounded, Dennis makes an effort to end the encounter by slipping monowire garrote around the neck of the girl with the arm gun.



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