AMP Upgrade

The AMP muse upgrade is a sophisticated software package for muses which adds a host of improved software tools, as well as a few improved skills to the muses original programming. Users whose muses have been “AMP’d” are able to link up to one another to share resources and processing power.

While most find the upgrade incredibly useful, some whisper that the program was designed by AGI’s to secretly awaken the limited AI muses into full sapience.

An AMP’s upgrade increases a Standard Muse’s skills to 60: Infosec, Interface, & Perception; and includes the Advanced Encryption, Cartography, Facial/image Recognition, and Math Boost software packages.

In addition, when linked with other AMP’d users, the muses gain a +5 to all above skills, and can emulate the benefits of a Tactical Network.

[Moderate – 3000]

AMP Upgrade

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