Get Your Ass to Mars

Package Grab

Promising to help the crew get to the bottom of their collective identity crisis’, Djor Kantos requests for the group to obtain a package containing “some advanced tech”, possessed by a mark named “Johnny”.

Johnny works for Stellar Intelligence, and has acquired intriguing intel regarding technology being developed by the hypercorp. He has come planet-side with the data to sell to the Triads. It is imperative that we intercept and acquire this data before the Triads get hold of it.

Johnny is currently sleeved in a biomorph with the data loaded in XP format in his organic brain to prevent the data from being stolen via hacking. He is scheduled to meet his Triad contacts in Elysium, where he can be connected to an XP rig to upload the data.

Djor Kantos reminds you that the Martian government is very restrictive when it comes to a armed citizenry. However, a single dueling sabre and/or knife at ones side is an accepted sight. Those made to resemble the classical pulp XP movies are especially popular.

If you step out into Elysium looking like a SWAT team or commandos, your mark could be tipped off, compromising the mission before it is even started. Once weapons-fire comes into play, you will have only a short time before authorities step in to investigate.

Should MPs arrive on scene, you must do your best to avoid them and continue to pursue the target. Above all, the package must not be killed and his cranium treated with the utmost care. I do not wish to deal with neural seepage, and if the data he is carrying is corrupted or damaged it will be useless to us.

Concealability is important, and so the gear I have provided you with can be easily hidden within normal clothing, and lack the standard ID tags which can be easily picked up by sensors.



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