Get Your Ass to Mars

Same as it Ever Was

And you may ask yourself, Well...How did I get here?

It is another day like countless others on Comet P67C-G, as its crew of indentures mine its irregular surface for rare gasses and minerals. Their morphs were synthetic cases modified specifically for the job at hand, worn from years of use.

Deep in thought, quarry foreman P67-JP2015MA19 began to daydream of another life soaring through the outer rim. Uncharacteristically, he though to himself, “How did I get here.”

Searching through his memories, he could not find and answer. He instructed his Muse to run a psychological diagnostic of his memories, and AMP6 discovered severe irregularities. Doing its best to make corrections, a single memory came to surface: He remembered being on Mars, and that something very bad was going to happen there.

He began to inquire with his rig-mates, and discovered several others amongst is crew with the similar memory gaps. They decided to break loose from their obligations, and hie themselves to Mars to get some answers.

Stealing an ice rover, the trio headed at break-neck speed towards the Control station, making fooling plans to capture a ship or smuggle themselves aboard one. When they arrived, no ship was present, and with the hacking skills of P67-JP2015MA19’s muse, they learned that one would not be scheduled to arrive for months. Instead, they crashed into the Control building, and barricaded themselves in the communications tower.

They uploaded themselves into the tower’s egocaster, and transmitted their egos to Mars…



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