Get Your Ass to Mars

Enemy at the Gates

As they are leaving Elysium, a group of armed individuals are waiting for them. At first, they believe that they are being waylaid by the triad gang with whom they are stealing from, but then a man in a red beret steps forward.

_“I do not appreciate those who steal from me. It is a measure of great disrespect. —And look what you’ve done with it! Cutting it all up like some angst ridden teenager with daddy issues.

Do you even realize how much effort went in obtaining it? They had to dig up scores of graves back on Earth before the Exodus, just to find the late Mr. Russell, not to mention reconstructing what was left of his DNA using close relatives to fill in the gaps. After all the upgrades I had put in, they had to bodysculpt everything to get it just right. And then I had to hire a team of lawyers to get me exclusive rights for his genetics."_

He continues with his tirade.
“And then THIS asshole comes along and steals MY Limited Edition Snake Plissken Action morph, and has the audacity to parade around in my own territory wearing it! Kill them and take their stacks. If anyone so much as puts a scratch on my morph, I’ll make sure you never get re-instantiated.”

A confrontation ensued, but the end result was our Crew left the scene with Cuervo Jones gory cortical stack in hand.



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