Get Your Ass to Mars

Dim Star 3: Level 14: Ulyan Basin

In hopes of learning more about themselves, and discovering the name of a character withing the game that they all are associated with within it, the crew jacks into the simulspace world of Dim Star 3. They find themselves in a desert world wandering a city resembling an Hindu settlement of ancient earth, bustling with the trappings of a medieval life.

They request an audience from the Queen of Raam, as they understand their contact is called, and are summarily granted entry into the virtual “palace” where Abalach Re is supposed to reside. Before they reach the royal chamber, they are greeted by a face that is hauntingly familiar. His game avatar is Templar Jagjiit of Raam, whose name floats to them from the shattered remnants of their erased memory.

He informs them that the Queen wishes them warning that she has been concerned by their absence, and that their enemies, the “Agents of Nibenay” are at their heels. Abalach Re has told Jagjiit that he must follow them through the Gray Realm to aid them in their next adventure.

They realize that the game is all code for something else, and that the agent whit whom they spoke is telling them that their contact was in the dark about their absence, and is warning them that members of the crime syndicate known as Nine Lives is looking for them. He also states that they need to meet in meatspace to aid them further.

They arrange to meet at the Last Resort in New Shanghai.



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