Get Your Ass to Mars

Nine Lives Minus One

As then Crew dodges for cover from laser fire, they duck down cramped, winding alleys. Multiple assailants fire upon them from all directions, and it is difficult to gauge their number.

They first set eyes on a dark exalt man with Vodun markings and a cybernetic eye whose multifaceted lenses took on a golden sheen. He was armed with two heavy pistols. Six stories up, an Octomorph

During the ambush by Nine Lives thugs, it is apparent they are being led by a woman with a look of intense determination. She

It seems to be her who sets loose the cyberhounds.

After an intense encounter with some Nine Lives thugs,

Ambushed in Meatspace

The crew is contacted by another member of “The Organization” within the New Shanghai hangout, the Last Resort. He again warns them of that members of the criminal syndicate Nine Lives seek to capture them.

The Crew, still suspicious with everyone, brushes this information off with little regard. Instead, they appear to suspect that the Organization is toying with them. When they go on the move the Memory Den to cast blame, they are surprised when they are ambushed by Nine Lives.

The gangsters attack from the streets will little regard for authority or bystanders. The Crew dive for cover when the streets begin to light up with laz fire.

Simspace Gambit

Through various information gathering leads, the Crew discovers contact of whom each of the Crew’s former selves had associated with in the simulspace game world of Dim Star 3. Seeking to learn more about themselves, they used the systems Djor Kantos granted them access to in the Memory Den to uplink to the game world, seeking to contact the one who called herself Abalach-Re, Queen of Raam.

Upon loading themselves into Dim Star 3, they found themselves in a desert world in a city reminiscent of ancient India of Earth. They headed to the palace, and were told that they were expected, and were granted an audience in the royal chamber.

Here, they were met by a man who Identified himself as High Templar Jagjiit, who would speak to them on behalf of the Queen. Each member of the Crew felt a strange sense of recognition regarding this man. They had known him before their minds had been erased.

Jagjiit stated that they were subjects of Raam, and that the Queen herself was worried by their prolonged absence. She is glad that they have returned, however wounded they have become, but must warn them. She has discovered that their enemies, the Agents of Nibenay, seek to capture them. To aid them she has left them a cache on the Grey Road, and bids Jagjiit to accompany them there to root out their enemies.

They somehow understand that all this is code for something in the real-world. The “Agents of Nibenay” are the Nine Lives criminal syndicate, and that they are to schedule a meeting in meatspace with Jagjiit.

Dim Star 3: Level 14: Ulyan Basin

In hopes of learning more about themselves, and discovering the name of a character withing the game that they all are associated with within it, the crew jacks into the simulspace world of Dim Star 3. They find themselves in a desert world wandering a city resembling an Hindu settlement of ancient earth, bustling with the trappings of a medieval life.

They request an audience from the Queen of Raam, as they understand their contact is called, and are summarily granted entry into the virtual “palace” where Abalach Re is supposed to reside. Before they reach the royal chamber, they are greeted by a face that is hauntingly familiar. His game avatar is Templar Jagjiit of Raam, whose name floats to them from the shattered remnants of their erased memory.

He informs them that the Queen wishes them warning that she has been concerned by their absence, and that their enemies, the “Agents of Nibenay” are at their heels. Abalach Re has told Jagjiit that he must follow them through the Gray Realm to aid them in their next adventure.

They realize that the game is all code for something else, and that the agent whit whom they spoke is telling them that their contact was in the dark about their absence, and is warning them that members of the crime syndicate known as Nine Lives is looking for them. He also states that they need to meet in meatspace to aid them further.

They arrange to meet at the Last Resort in New Shanghai.

Open Your Miiiinds to Me...

The crew has been instructed to bring Mr. Anamnestic to a memory Den to extract the XP Data in his head; After returning to Djor Kantos with Johnny he loads Johnny into a simulspace pod and extracts the data, removing it from his memory in the process (for safety reasons). He is then permitted to walk out on his own.

After a measure of sifting through their own false memories, a handful of leftover memories were discovered. All of the crew had similar memories of a VR simulspace game identified as Dim Star 3.

Using their combined skills, the crew was able to contact an employee for the game, and identify the accounts along with the account owners. They have finally discovered their true identities.

Now they would need to figure out what to do with that information. Each appeared to have been missing for approximately 6 months.

Enemy at the Gates

As they are leaving Elysium, a group of armed individuals are waiting for them. At first, they believe that they are being waylaid by the triad gang with whom they are stealing from, but then a man in a red beret steps forward.

_“I do not appreciate those who steal from me. It is a measure of great disrespect. —And look what you’ve done with it! Cutting it all up like some angst ridden teenager with daddy issues.

Do you even realize how much effort went in obtaining it? They had to dig up scores of graves back on Earth before the Exodus, just to find the late Mr. Russell, not to mention reconstructing what was left of his DNA using close relatives to fill in the gaps. After all the upgrades I had put in, they had to bodysculpt everything to get it just right. And then I had to hire a team of lawyers to get me exclusive rights for his genetics."_

He continues with his tirade.
“And then THIS asshole comes along and steals MY Limited Edition Snake Plissken Action morph, and has the audacity to parade around in my own territory wearing it! Kill them and take their stacks. If anyone so much as puts a scratch on my morph, I’ll make sure you never get re-instantiated.”

A confrontation ensued, but the end result was our Crew left the scene with Cuervo Jones gory cortical stack in hand.

Intercept in Elysium

After gearing up, the crew takes the long rail ride towards Elysium and departs at a nearby station. There they followed Djor Kantos instructions, and found a large carrier truck awaiting them in a hangar.

Henry Swanson took the wheel, and they drove into Elysium proper. Arriving early, they scoped out the designated meeting spot where Johnny Anamnestik and the Neon Chrysanthemum Triad were purported to meet.

Dennis and John Parker scanned local Mapsofts for any possible entry and escape routes, while Swanson kept an eye out for Triad agents. He marked a number of possible transhumans around the meet point that were likely planted agents.

Each took point at various entrances into the plaza, and soon John Parker spotted their mark. He saw Mr. Anamnestik walking down the street with a beautiful escort in each arm, each one dressed in Elysian finery.

Swanson stroke up to them with purpose, hoping to pretend to ask for a smoke as their first point of contact. Before he could get too close, both escorts turn and whisper something in Johnny’s ear. Then the trio abruptly turn down an opposing street.

Seeing this, Attar remarks that he suspects that the escorts are more than just the eye candy they appear to be. Having reviewed the Mapsofts previously, he and Parker turn down another street in hopes of catching them around the block.

Dennis disappears as he initiates the cloak from his Ghost morph, and begins tailing the trio clandestinely. As he drew nearer, he continued to update their location with the rest of the team. When Johnny and his entourage slipped into a shopping center hoping to elude their pursuers, Dennis was right behind them.

The rest of the crew, using the information sent to them by Dennis, covered each exit of the building, waiting for their marks to try to leave. It was Swanson they ran into, whom they had already identified as a pursuant.

In that moment of recognition, one of the escorts holds out her hand as if to push him away from her, and blasts Swanson in the abdomen point blank with a kinetic firearm concealed within her arm. He is thrown back, shocked by the blow, but nearly unharmed due to his morph’s fortitude and the strength of his body armor. He drops a Slip grenade at their feet, covering the entire area in a low-friction fluid.

The second escort grasps on of her belts and as she pulls it off of her, it straitens into a blade. Dennis is still concealed, so the only assailant they are aware of is Swanson. She strikes viciously at Swanson, as he is the only assailant they are aware of (Dennis is still cloaked). Her blade cuts deep into his side, and he realizes that he needs to be careful tangling with this one.

Then Dennis strikes out at Johnny with a Freezer gun, immobilizing their target in smartfoam, instantly securing their mark. Now they just need to deal with his bodyguards. Now aware that there is another attacking them, the dark haired woman with the concealed gun in her arm turns and attempts to find Dennis by targeting his general area with automatic fire, some of which hit their mark.

Swanson draws his own pistols, (a pair of silenced SMGs), drops to the Slip-covered floor, and fires a series of shots towards the girl with the belt blade, sliding backwards as he did so.

Parker finally arrives on scene, and blasts the dark haired escort with a laser blaster, scorching away a large portion of her elaborate dress and revealing the outermost housing of her synthmorph shell. Attar comes barrelling hand and foot through the corridor, and notices the splashzone around the scene. With quick thinking, he initiates the grip-pads within his hands and feet, and crawls up the wall. With his feet firmly planted on the ceiling, he drops down and strikes at the blade wielding woman menacing Swanson, and harries her with a blade from all four of his arms.

Wounded, Dennis makes an effort to end the encounter by slipping monowire garrote around the neck of the girl with the arm gun.

Package Grab

Promising to help the crew get to the bottom of their collective identity crisis’, Djor Kantos requests for the group to obtain a package containing “some advanced tech”, possessed by a mark named “Johnny”.

Johnny works for Stellar Intelligence, and has acquired intriguing intel regarding technology being developed by the hypercorp. He has come planet-side with the data to sell to the Triads. It is imperative that we intercept and acquire this data before the Triads get hold of it.

Johnny is currently sleeved in a biomorph with the data loaded in XP format in his organic brain to prevent the data from being stolen via hacking. He is scheduled to meet his Triad contacts in Elysium, where he can be connected to an XP rig to upload the data.

Djor Kantos reminds you that the Martian government is very restrictive when it comes to a armed citizenry. However, a single dueling sabre and/or knife at ones side is an accepted sight. Those made to resemble the classical pulp XP movies are especially popular.

If you step out into Elysium looking like a SWAT team or commandos, your mark could be tipped off, compromising the mission before it is even started. Once weapons-fire comes into play, you will have only a short time before authorities step in to investigate.

Should MPs arrive on scene, you must do your best to avoid them and continue to pursue the target. Above all, the package must not be killed and his cranium treated with the utmost care. I do not wish to deal with neural seepage, and if the data he is carrying is corrupted or damaged it will be useless to us.

Concealability is important, and so the gear I have provided you with can be easily hidden within normal clothing, and lack the standard ID tags which can be easily picked up by sensors.

Welcome to Valles-New Shanghai
Just arriving on Mars and already making enemies

The escaped indentures awaken in a haze as they awaken in new bodies, to be jolted by the panicked voice of “Joe”, the AGI serving as John Parker’s Muse, who informs them that the morphs it stole for them belong to the Lords of Death, one of the local Triads.

Half-blind and naked save for a few concentric thermal bandages, they do their best to stumble out of the illicit sleeving facility before their egos and implants are fully online, lest the Lords of Death catch them unprepared. Exiting the "dollhouse:, they find themselves in a dimly lit corridor, which branches out into multiple avenues like a rat warren.

As their implants come online, they discover that the mapsofts they pull up from the Mesh seem to be intentionally deceptive, and it isn’t long before they are hopelessly lost. When they stop to discuss their options on how to navigate, Dennis wordlessly takes off with clear purpose. Not having a better idea, the others follow.

They eventually emerge from the underground tunnels into massive laundromat facility. They pilfer a few items of clothing that fit their new morphs and leave the facility, taking note that the synthmorph attendees take no mind of their presence, as if they do not even see them.

Stepping out of the laundromat, they take their first steps into the dank alleys of Little Shanghai. As they take in the sights, sounds, and certainly smells, everything seems eerily familiar…

Same as it Ever Was
And you may ask yourself, Well...How did I get here?

It is another day like countless others on Comet P67C-G, as its crew of indentures mine its irregular surface for rare gasses and minerals. Their morphs were synthetic cases modified specifically for the job at hand, worn from years of use.

Deep in thought, quarry foreman P67-JP2015MA19 began to daydream of another life soaring through the outer rim. Uncharacteristically, he though to himself, “How did I get here.”

Searching through his memories, he could not find and answer. He instructed his Muse to run a psychological diagnostic of his memories, and AMP6 discovered severe irregularities. Doing its best to make corrections, a single memory came to surface: He remembered being on Mars, and that something very bad was going to happen there.

He began to inquire with his rig-mates, and discovered several others amongst is crew with the similar memory gaps. They decided to break loose from their obligations, and hie themselves to Mars to get some answers.

Stealing an ice rover, the trio headed at break-neck speed towards the Control station, making fooling plans to capture a ship or smuggle themselves aboard one. When they arrived, no ship was present, and with the hacking skills of P67-JP2015MA19’s muse, they learned that one would not be scheduled to arrive for months. Instead, they crashed into the Control building, and barricaded themselves in the communications tower.

They uploaded themselves into the tower’s egocaster, and transmitted their egos to Mars…


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